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Phone2Frame Black 10" Digital Picture Frame with Photo Backup Stick


Phone2Frame White 10" Digital Picture Frame with Photo Backup Stick


Dreamscreens: Turn Your TV Into a Digital Art Gallery

Your TV is an eyesore when it’s turned off. Turn it into a work of art, a source of inspirational quotes, a window to the world of travel, or your own personal photo album with Dreamscreens.


Photo Backup Stick

If you just need to back up your photos from your phone, computer, or tablet, then you can purchase a Photo Backup Stick by itself. 

Get Your Photos on Your Frame

No Wi-Fi. No Bluetooth. No Cloud. No Accounts.

Step 1

Plug in your Photo Backup Stick and open the app

Step 2

Tap the Backup Photos button to copy your pictures to the USB drive

Step 3

Edit your photos - delete, rotate, or crop

Step 4

Plug the Photo Backup Stick into your Phone2Frame

Compatible with:

Before Editing Your Photo

Before Editing Your Photo

Easily Edit Your Photos with the Photo Backup Stick Apps: Delete, Rotate, & Crop to Fill the Entire Frame

Compatible with:

A Digital Picture Frame Anyone Can Setup

*Phone2Frame & the Photo Backup Stick are manufactured by Paraben Consumer Software, who has been making phone and computer investigation and recovery software for nearly 20 years.

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